Zoltan Paulinyi

Brazilian New Music
Zoltan Paulinyi, Brazilian violinist and composer. Pupil of violinist Ricardo Giannetti and composer Oiliam Lanna. Bachelor in Physics (Federal University of Minas Gerais, 1999), Master degree in Music (University of Brasília, 2010), Doctor degree in Music/composition (2013) supervised by Dr Christopher Bochmann. He also took classes with violinists Ruggiero Ricci, Leopold La Fosse, Sidney Harth, Manfred Kramer, Micaela Comberti and Luís Otávio; composers Oscar Edelstein, Harry Crowl, among others.
As a violinist, he was the winner of the Goiânia National Competition (UFGO, 2002) and he was given the Pro-Música Award "Outstanding" by the Minas Gerais press critics in 1998.
Many of his works were premiered at Oradea Festival (2002) and appeared in recordings (Duo Magyar 2002, CD Images 2008, Vibrações Variantes 2010, TV Senado 2008). His works were selected for the Funarte Music Biennial (Rio de Janeiro 2005, 2009)
Violinist at the National Theatre Symphonic Orchestra (2000—), principal of violas (2009) and violins (2007, 2010).
He directs the SPES International Exchange Program for chamber Music among Brazil, Europe and Asia since 2008: please submit projects to paulinyi@yahoo.com

Americana Symphonic Orchestra presents Paulinyi's "Ipê Sorrindo"

04.06.2012 News

The Americana Symphonic Orchestra, under direction of Hermes Coelho, presents a program dedicated to the twentieth century including works by Arthur Bliss, Schostakovich, Villa-Lobos, Vilani-Côrtes, Zoltan Paulinyi, Debussy and Germano Fonseca. The concerts are scheduled to June 26 in Campinas and June 28 in Americana, São Paulo. Paulinyi's " Ipê Sorrindo  " (2008) is available in PDF by the swiss editor MusicaNeo. Service: Americana Symphonic Orchestra presents "the twentieth century ...

Orquestra Sinfônica de Americana apresenta obra de Paulinyi em junho de 2012

04.06.2012 News

A Orquestra Sinfônica de Americana, sob regência do Maestro Hermes Coelho, apresenta programa dedicado ao século XX com obras de Arthur Bliss, Schostakovich, Villa-Lobos, Vilani-Côrtes, Zoltan Paulinyi, Debussy e Germano Fonseca. Os concertos acontecem nos dias 26 de junho em Campinas e 28 de junho em Americana, São Paulo. A partitura " Ipê Sorrindo " de Paulinyi (2008), incluída neste programa, está disponível em PDF pela MusicaNeo, editora Suíça. Serviço: Orquestra Sinfônica de Americana ...

International call for writers (libretto proposals)

21.02.2012 News

Addressing further international opera projects, writers are invited to submit libretto proposals in any language to composer Zoltan Paulinyi (paulinyi@yahoo.com). Text (about 1500 words) must be written for one or two characters. Contemporary poetic language and innovative ideas will be evaluated. Deadline: July 30, 2011. Text: for 1 or 2 characters, in any language. Maximum 3000 words. References: Current project under development: Opera "Library" in Portuguese: ...